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The University has an immense range of academic resources and facilities in support of graduate and postgraduate study.

The total area of the buildings exceeds 42.000 sq.m. The University Computing Service provides a wide range of computing facilities and user support services for the University. The library is well stocked with over 1.000.000 items, which is ever-increasing. At lunch time and in the evenings three refectories offer a choice of cooked meals including vegetarian dishes. Various other services include ATM and a stationery shop.

The University provides accommodation for the students as well as for postgraduate students from all over Russia and overseas. Most single overseas students prefer to be in one of the self-catering blocks of flats where they may expect to be with people of their own age group and level of commitment to study.

The University has a recreational camp located in the picturesque place at the Karelia Isthmus.

The University includes seven faculties:
  • Refrigerating Engineering
  • Food Manufacturing Facilities
  • Food Engineering
  • Cryogenics and Conditioning
  • Economics and Management
  • Correspondence and External
  • Professional Retraining

    Programs of full-time study are offered at the faculties of Refrigerating Engineering, Food Manufacturing Facilities, Food Engineering, Cryogenics and Conditioning, Economics and Management. Programs of part-time study are carried out at the faculties of Correspondence and External Learning, Professional Retraining.