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Foreword by Rector Alexander V. Baranenko

The attainment of a graduate education qualification will undoubtedly enhance your prospects of employment and your opportunity to play a key role in a rapidly changing social and economic situation.

With around 5.500 graduate students, the University is the leading higher educational institution in the field of refrigeration engineering and food processing in the North - West of Russia, attracting students all over the Russia and from about 50 countries overseas.

In every sphere of human activity ranging from low temperature storage of agricultural products to the implementation of space projects one can find highly qualified specialists who are alumni of the University.

By the present time the University has trained over 25.000 engineers, who have actively contributed to the making and development of refrigerating and cryogenic engineering, technology and equipment for food processing in Russia, CIS member states and states of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Baltic states.

All our departments are active in research. Many of our staff have an international reputation. The University has outstanding library, laboratories and computing facilities and offers a stimulating environment within which to pursue a research degree which we are able to offer.

I very much hope that you will pursue your interest in coming to the University. We aim to equip our students with the richest educational and research potential that has been accumulated by us in the field of refrigerating engineering, technology and equipment of food processing, economics and management of food enterprises.

Professor Alexander V. Baranenko