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St. Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering admits international students who have complete or professional secondary education. Foreign students who come to the Russian Federation can enter the University on the basis of:

  • International agreements, as well as contracts signed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and overseas universities.
  • Individual (direct) contracts between the University and the applicant. In this case tuition fee is to be fully paid. The terms of training and accommodation are stipulated by additional contracts.
To be enrolled as a student the applicant should submit the following papers to the Department of International Students:
  • A personal application.
  • The original certificate of appropriate foundation level course being accomplished with the list of subjects studied and ratings received.
  • The medical certificate testifying that the applicant has no contraindications to study in Russia.
  • The medical certificate testifying that the applicant is neither AIDS patient, nor virus infected, the deadline of his/her medical inspection being less than 3 months before the first day the study begins according to the contract.
  • Ten 3 by 4 cm.-sized photos (mat surface paper) with the applicant's name and surname pencilled on the backs and spelled as in his/her passport.
  • The achievements sheet (in case of transfer from another higher educational institution to proceed higher studies in this University).
The deadline to submit the papers and to sign the contract is the beginning of studies, the latter starting on September 1 at the full-time faculties, and October 1 at part-time ones. The students are enrolled to the University on the basis of entrance examinations that are the form of an interview or a test. To enter Russia it is necessary the overseas students to apply for a study visa in the Consulate of the Russian Federation. Above all the University makes an official letter of invitation. To receive this letter an applicant is to send an application and copy of a passport. Please note that it takes about 45 days to make a letter of invitation.