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All the University’s tuition and examinations are given in the Russian language. Good Russian is essential for success in a programme of study or for doing research. Degree programme essays, reports and other pieces of work require ability in written Russian. Students need to cope with reading and note-taking from lectures, books and journals and other material, and to speak Russian well in seminars, discussion groups and tutorials. Applicants whose first language is not Russian must provide evidence that their ability in the various skills of Russian. On arrival at the University all overseas students undertake a Russian language test. The test enables the University to decide whether individuals students need some support with the Russian language to enable them to take full advantage of University study. In case an applicant does not speak Russian he is to attend one-year preparatory program in the University to learn the Russian language. Students have to pay fees for Russian language courses. All necessary skills students can get during lectures, seminars, colloquiums, in laboratories, and during practical trainings. The result of self-work students present in the form of course works and research project.