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Most of guests from other countries arrive to St. Petersburg by air or by railway. St. Petersburg airport “Pulkovo” is located 10 km to the South of the city. Most of international flights arrive to “Pulkovo-2” terminal. “Pulkovo-1” terminal serves local airlines. You can easily reach the airport from Moskovskaya underground station by urban transport. Lots of minibuses (“marshrutnoe taxi”) are also for your help. Railway transport is comfortable and well developed in Russia. There are five principal railway stations in St. Petersburg :

  • Moscow Railway station (South and South-East regions, Moscow) Vitebsky Railway station (South – West region, Baltic countries)
  • Finnish Railway station (North regions, Helsinki)
  • Baltic Railway station (South-West local suburbs along Finnish Gulf Coast)
  • Ladoga Railway station (North-East regions)
All railway stations are located in downtown near correspondent underground. St. Petersburg has got bus lines, which connect it with near-by located Russian cities (i.e. Pskov, Novgorod) as well as with foreign cities in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, etc. The address of Central Bus station: 36, Obvodny canal embankment. However, if you are going for a long trip by bus, please note that most of bus companies start and finish their international bus lines near grand hotels of the city.